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Raiden Mun look book

(because it's high time he get one of his own! XD )

1. white shirt  -  ♥ami♥
2. cargo pants - ♥ami♥
3.wig -  liwenjie at ebay 
4. eyes - DollLove default grey eyes
5. Accessories - me ( c/o Wellmanson )
6. Scarf -  sa tabi tabi ng Divisoria XDD
7. Face up  - DollLove Default face up

double look book...look!look!


1. Striped Blue Dress  - ♥ami♥ (my mom!)
2. Shoes -  Happy Camille
3. Wig -  Crobi
4. Eyes - Custom House
5. Faceup -  Custom House default face up


1. red tweed plaid mini dress  - ♥ami♥ (my mom!)
2. plaid top hat  -  Wellmanson
3. Shoes -  Happy Camille
4. Wig - Luts
5. Eyes - Luts
6. Faceup - battiegotriddim / @propertyoftheuchiha on DOA

10 Things About Raiden Mun

1. Muki is the name of his Fender Jazz Bass Guitar.

2. He frequently uses slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs in his playing.

3. He simply love rainy days.

4. He hates it when people ask about his height.

5. He doesn’t drink soft drink.

6. Drinks milk tea like a water.

7. He starts playing bass at age 7; thought it was easier to play since it has only 4 strings.

8. He eats instant ramen with mayonnaise.

9. Has one true love ;-)

10. Raiden Mun is tetsuya ogawa ‘s number 1 RESIN fan!


nan godd galkke...

After practicing for almost 4 hours... for some unknown reason... Simone's guitar string snap...


nan godd galkke means I'll be there soon

why Raiden said it... I don't know... :)

Lily's Never Ending Story

on with the story!

a collaboration project of sakura_panic and blue_epistle


♥ami♥ 's commissioned clothes and RTW

heya guys! I am bringing some goooods for your bjd... spare me a moment and take a look ne .

1. this is for my friend blue_epistle . mom made this 2 piece dress with Robin in mind. Hope our Stardust likes it! 

2. SD 13 black vest. 
this is for sale. 200 pesos. pm / or email me at nanasumire@yahoo.com 

( reserved for kuro_akira )

3. SD 13 grey greenish vest for sale. 200 pesos. it comes with a matching suit.

4. matching suit. it fits SD13 body as per SaDoll measurements. 
suit is for sale for 350 pesos.

5. matching vest and suit for Malphas. Reserved for kyophile.

6. DYARAAAAAN~~~!!!!!
for kyophile
3 piece suit for Malphas. vest. suit. pants.
first time sewing a pants/slacks/dress pants for dollshe pure body. hope it fits Malphas!

for interested buyers pm or email me at nanasumire@yahoo.com

hand stitched by my mom ♥ami♥

that's all for now! 
see you soon! 
We all know Simone Clyne as the genius violinist but this teen prodigy is also a guitar player, having learned and mastering the rifts quite easily. Simone Rain is part of the rock band Mystic Moon along with Madison Park, Raiden Mun and Fritz Frost.

Name :  Simone Rain Clyne
Nickname : simone, rainy, tensai
Date of birth :  may18
Birthplace :  Glendale ,California
Religion : uhm
Nationality : american/japanese
Occupation : pro musician,violinist, guitarist of Mystic Moon
Star Sign : Gemini
Eye Color : blue-grey
Hair Color :  Pale Creamy Strawberry Blond
Favorite food :  breads,pasta,milk shake,tuna sandwich
- All foods involving lots of cheese

Favorite song :  lots of classical songs, Far Away by Nickel Back, SkyScraper by Demi Lovato, Jar Of Hearts, Rolling In The Deep, My Immortal, Only Exception, Lonely by 2NE1 and Niji by L'Arc~en~Ciel

BJD couch for my bbies...

One...no,make that two Divisoria trip (one,on Thursday and two, earlier this morning ) - in this heat - to buy  fabric, batting, shallow hole ( wait! that's for another project XDD)...

Six hours later...

3 hot glue sticks melted...

one excited kid who wants to jump up and down to test the durability of the couch...

one teen who couldn't care less as long as she is comfortable...

burnt finger tips for accidentally touching the tip of the glue gun...


I present to you...my first DIY BJD Couch !!

Lily : Simone, if I jump on this couch would you tell Nana?
Simone: yes!
Lily: pfft!

Simone : wifi's not working, Lily. We can't search DoA's tutorials.
Lily : I guess our neighbor didn't pay their internet bill again!
Simone : oh...okey.


The Look For Less for BJD #9

The Look

For Less

I call this the Audrey Hepburn look. I am not happy with Simone's picture. I am a terrible picture taker :(
I love how this baby sailor dress turned up and instantly one of my favourite!
This is the 9th post and hopefully I have something BIG for my 10th!