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a-z favourite things for Lily (a b c)

I decided to make something different for Lily 's a-z meme. Instead of answering the  meme I decided to post her a-z favourite things with pictures! It will be tough finding props for her favourite things but in this way I can get to know my dorrie better and my creativity will be challenged. ( hopefully...XDD

My first post is for the first three letters of the alphabet. A B C is for Apple Mac ( Lily's favourite piece of technology ) , Biscuits ( especially the sweet kind ) , and Chocolate drink ( preferred  hot and with marshmallows if possible! )




now I need to work on letters D E F.

posting soon! 



Aug. 29th, 2012 12:32 pm (UTC)
Lily is very demanding, lol! This is awesome, Nanz. ^^ I'll try to answer these one of these days. ^^