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The Look for Less for BJD : Choco Peach

January's The Look for Less for BJD

*drum roll please,Fritz!*

I call this set  Choco Peach :



and is inspired by this look
( site : http://weheartit.com/entry/48603578/via/Nakuru )

Choco Peach set includes:
* a very light pink knitted sweater top
* brown lacey skirt
* sea green socks
* and a butterfly necklace
and is sold for $15 or the equivalent of 660pesos and will fit MSD,1/4 size bjds.

pm me if interested :))

*Simone is a LUTS kid delf Hodoo and currently composing music with her Resin Moon bandmates

Visitors Beware!!!

In which Lily tortures, I mean, entertains our resin visitor! :))

A collaboration work by blue_epistleand me. 



Every now and then a resin visitor will come and stay with us for a while so Lily can have her fun... *cough cough* I mean so we can take his/her body measurements. LOL


long weekend productivity = 88% !!!

Hey! =)
Don't mind the subject title I just want an excuse to post my kiddies pictures in my...I mean their journal which is maintained by me. :))
Lily's usa mimi

Simone's 'Empress Dress' by ♥ami♥
( we're gonna produce more of this dress line for msds.)
and crocheted beanie by blue_epistle

Simone loving her beanie by blue_epistle


and yay! crown necklace for my boy!


Meet PP!


Say "HALLO" to PP ( short for Pink Pumpkin )!!!


Lily : Yeah! Give me Candies!!!!


BJD Friendly Store in Metro Manila

Hi Owners! :)
Here are some stores I frequented to buy stuff and materials for my resin kids. Be it fabric, accessories, and props if you know where to look you can say goodbye to online shopping and save some money! ( I only buy my kids shoes from the internet XDD )

1. Wellmanson's in Quiapo and Divisoria - for your beading supplies, accessories, chains, necklaces, etc this store has it! I prefer the Quiapo branch because it is bigger and has more supplies.

2. Bonseng, Divisoria - Bonseng or Bonsen in Tabora Street. I buy mini buttons, automatic buttons, zipper, sewing supplies here. On my recent trips I even bought an elastic string that I used to re-string Simone ( they only have the msd sized though.)

3. Tabora Street in Divisoria - here you can buy your sewing supplies from laces,ribbons,buttons,props,zipper,cords...you name it they almost always HAVE it!

4. Ilaya Street  - I buy fabrics here! If you are lucky you can buy a good fabric for as low as 20pesos/yard. You have to know where to look and always make tawad. XDD

5. 168 Mall - it is a big mall! I am sure you can find something suitable for your resin kids.

6. Clipper - they have little things, gift items and souvenirs that fits any scale. Some branch have the Mac Book mirror for 300 pesos.

7. Papemelroti - for paper products that's good to use for picture backgrounds. I go to Papemelroti and let my imagination guide me on where I can use their items. :)

8. Saizen -  the 85 pesos store! yay! You can buy a lot of items here that you can use for your resin kids. My favourite is the melamine sponge and the gorgeous eye lashes!

9. Craft Store - any craft store that sells items and stuff for scrap books. Scrap booking materials are looove!

10. any Hard Ware Store - they sell hooks and the wire I use for my girl's head band :)

11. and last on my list is my Neighborhood Ukay Ukay - go there! Buy something for you ( if you are the type who loves to shop clothes in ukay ukay! I DO! ) and for your resin kids! The fabrics are superb and some details are to die for!

I hope this post helps some of you and if you have a store to suggest feel free to comment and share! :)


by ♥ami♥

This post is a shameless plugging of my mom's creation! I was looking at the pictures from our Noriter meet yesterday when I realized that every resin except for Hanni is wearing something made by my mom. :)

from L-R

Fritz's shirt and pants by ♥ami♥
Lily 's dress by ♥ami♥
Stardust's Star printed top and black denim shorts by ♥ami♥
Suishou 's shirt,pants and beanie by ♥ami♥
Boris' vest by ♥ami♥
Raiden 's shirt and jeans by ♥ami♥
Haku's pants and suit jacket by ♥ami♥ and
Kai's suit jacket by ♥ami♥

Fritz and Stardust lives with blue_epistle (and photo by momo! )
Suishou lives with sylphidkitty
Boris and Hannibal lives with moptech
Kai and Haku lives with kyophile and
Lily and Raiden lives with me



a-z favourite things for Lily (a b c)

I decided to make something different for Lily 's a-z meme. Instead of answering the  meme I decided to post her a-z favourite things with pictures! It will be tough finding props for her favourite things but in this way I can get to know my dorrie better and my creativity will be challenged. ( hopefully...XDD

My first post is for the first three letters of the alphabet. A B C is for Apple Mac ( Lily's favourite piece of technology ) , Biscuits ( especially the sweet kind ) , and Chocolate drink ( preferred  hot and with marshmallows if possible! )




now I need to work on letters D E F.

posting soon! 



lyrics by Raiden Mun

Raiden : Should I use flat or sharp here?

Simone : Let's go for sharp. Maddie's voice can handle it.

Raiden : Glissando is better then I will glide the bass lines along with the guitar lines.
Simone : I have some example on file. Here, let me show you.
Raiden : Awesome!!

Read more...Collapse )
Please excuse the sketchy knowledge I've displayed here about music and composing music. I am no musician but I love music.
Also, I am not a photographer and I am still learning the tricks so please bear with me. =)
Lastly, I am not making any money from this and what I get here is pure enjoyment and knowing my kids and their personalities more.  =)

Simone RAin a-z meme


-available  - not really...

- May 18 / Glendale, California

Read more...Collapse )

photo by blue_epistle =)


Raiden Mun A-Z meme

-available  - noooo....

- October 3 / Osaka,Japan

-color -
blue, pink, yellow, orange, red

-Dance in the rain
  -  nope. but I would love to dance in the rain...with my rain :)

-essential start to your day  -
combing my hair.

-First thoughts waking up  -
  let me sleep for 5 more minutes...please...

-goals  -
to be the best bassist that I can be and to have a Mystic Moon world tour.

-how do you want to die  -
uhm...in my sleep...

-instrument/s you play(ed)  -
  bass guitar. guitar. some keyboards. piano.

-Job title  -
Bassist. Composer. Lyricist. Musician

-kids  -
  they are cute and adorable but I don't like them when they cry.

-love  -
I love a lot of people. My family, friends, band mates, staff, fans...Love makes me happy.

-Mom's Name  -
Sakai Youko

-nickname/s  -
rai, grey

-one wish  -
to be always healthy.

-pet peeves -
   someone standing over my shoulder reading the computer screen.

-quote from a song  -
  Even if we are far apart, our hearts are linked
                                Even if a mischievous fate befalls us,the link won't break  from Link by L'Arc~en~Ciel

-righty or lefty -

-siblings  -
none. but I kind of adopted Maddie as my older sister.

-thunderstorms  -
bring it on! I love it!

-underwear  -
Mickey Mouse printed boxers or briefs.

-vegetables you don't like  -

-weakness  -
purple eyes

- x-rays you've had  -
chest x-ray for my medical record at GAIA music.

-yummy food you can make  -
omelette rice and kimbap

-zodiac sign  -

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